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I'm Becca Klein, your host...

I'm here to tell you about the power of online courses.

My first course flopped. And so did my second. But once I realized the true value of what I had to offer, and once I got strategic about my marketing techniques, things started looking up.

Today I have multiple successful courses that sell themselves on autopilot through funnels that I set up months or years ago.

I'm here to tell you that it's possible.

And I want to show you how.

Real People + Real Results.

"The course breaks down the whole process to a degree that can help anyone, even the beginner-est beginner."

“Before joining Course College, I knew that I wanted to create a course, but I had no idea where to start. Becca has covered every detail so specifically that I know know EXACTLY how and where to start, and I’m confident that I can create (and sell!) an amazing course. I highly recommend!"

karis, new course creator

"Becca provides action steps after each to help move you along in your journey..."

“When I started taking Course College, I wasn’t sure if building a course was the right decision for my business. After taking the first three modules, I’m already super eager to start! I appreciated the format of the course. The modules are short and to the point, and Becca provides action steps after each to help move you along in your journey. If you’re ready to start building a course and want someone to guide you through the entire process, I recommend Course College!"

flora, new course creator

Alex grew her email list to 3,608. Now she makes $7,500/month.

“Becca showed me how to grow my traffic and email list (which has gone from 111 before the course to 3,608 after). With the huge traffic increase I’ve seen, plus the new email subscribers, I’ve been making about $7,500 a month!”

alex, new course creator